About 40 Foot Buffet

This Eleanor Rigby of websites may contain humor. Unless not funny or otherwise noted, all pieces are conceived, written, and haphazardly edited by Terry Wellman. All pieces contain extra gluten, extra carbs, extra MSG, too much salt, and enough high-fructose corn syrup to send an elephant into diabetic shock. But, please, come back for seconds or thirds. I’m sure you’re reading this at home in sweats or yoga pants or other elastic pants, so you can handle it.

A native Texan, Terry now lives in Southern California and he is the current Under Secretary for the International Proponents of Metric Time and sits on the board of directors for The Walter Kronkite Home for Runaway Mothers, a non-profit dedicated to helping mothers whose boys are overly obsessed with all things scatological.

Select pieces may also be seen at humoroutcasts.com.

Some pieces may not be appropriate for flamingos. Enjoy responsibly.