Various Responses to Margaret Atwood’s “A Voice is a Human Gift”

“A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together.” – Margaret Atwood    ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Bumper sticker available at the Misophonia support group website:

“A voice is a human gift, but silence is a gift from God.”


Man and woman in bed:

Woman: Well, Margaret Atwood says “a voice is a human gift.”

Man: Well, I ask: Does that make my tongue the bow?


Exhausted dad who’s ear has been talked off by a loud and verbose child:

Mom: Relax, honey. Don’t forget that Margaret Atwood said “a Voice is a human gift.”

Dad:  I wish it came with a gift receipt.


After Fran Drescher auditioned for the role in The Nanny:

Snarky Casting Agent:  Good lord! That voice!

More Charitable Casting Agent:  Don’t forget: Some consider  “a voice is a human gift.”

Snarky Casting Agent: In this case a white elephant gift.


James Earl Jones upon hearing it for the first time while watching TV alone in his living room:

“And a money maker. Ka-ching! ‘This is CNN.’ [Looking around] Somebody pay me now.”


Anonymous blogger after reviewing the number of visitors to her blog:

“Nobody seems to want my gift.”


Terry Wellman after being read the quote from Real Simple by his wife:

Terry: Yeah, she can say that. She was not cursed with a uni-sex name and uni-sex voice. If I hear “Please drive through, ma’am” one more time, I’m going to drive the car through the !@#$%^*!@#$ front door of the @#$%^&^%$# restaurant.”

His Wife:  Terry! The boys are in the back. Watch your language.

Terry: [Craning his head toward the back seat to address the boys] Sorry, boys. I was just giving you an early 21st birthday gift.

Oldest Son to Youngest Son: We better not re-gift that one.



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