Anarchy in the OC

In line for a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm:

Son: Why don’t we just cut like those people? No one stopped them.

Dad:  If we all did that then no one would be adhering to the social contract and we would have anarchy.

Son: What is “anarchy”?

Dad: When no one follows the rules or recognizes the legitimacy of authority.

Son: That’d be cool.

Dad: Then everyday at our house is pretty darn cool.

Son: [smiles knowingly]


After seeing people with a Fast Lane pass get on a ride right away while waiting in line for 20 minutes:

Son: Why didn’t we get a Fast Lane pass?

Dad:  That would have been very expensive for all of us. The Fast Lane passes cost more than the regular tickets. They’re for the 1%.

Son: What is “the 1%”?

Dad:  People with the most amount of money.

Son: That’s not us?

Dad: Well, compared to you I am the 1%.

Son: Then why didn’t you buy us Fast Lane passes?


Begging to stay and go on one more ride:

Son: C’mon . . .  please.

Dad: No, we have to go now.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because I said so.

Son:  Ugh! I hate that reason.

Dad: Welcome to an absolute monarchy.

Son: I prefer anarchy.

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