Rejected Magnetic Poetry Kits

1. The Dyslexic Pertoy Tik

2. The Basque Language Poetry Kit – with 57% more X’s,V’s,Z’s, K’s,and Y’s than other Magnetic Poetry kits!

3. Ebonics Poetry Kits – “Is you be or Is you not be?/Dat’s wat I’m talkin’ ’bout”

4. The Clear Channel Poetry – Kit Owns at least 40% of the poetry kits in most major American media markets.

5. Redacted Government Document Poetry Kit – Every fifth word tile is blacked out for reasons of National Security.

6. The MBA Poetry Kit – Costs $5,000 to buy. Gets recent biz school grad to write poem. Takes all the credit while vacationing in the Hamptons.

7. Feminist Activist Poetry Kit – “through our struggles in herstory/strong womyn have fought the patriarch”

8. Radical Islamic Terrorist Poetry Kit – “a thousand enormous deaths/to the aching capitalistic dogs”

9. Adult Incontinence Poetry Kit – “oops/I did it again”

10. NAMBLA Poetry Kit –  [Ed. – For reasons of taste, we, the editors of 40 Foot Buffet, have declined to run a sample verse.]

11. Hurricane Aftermath Poetry Kit

12. Sitting in Rush Hour Traffic Poetry Kit

13. Klezmer Music Lovers Poetry Kit

14. Proctologist Poetry Kit

15. Deposed Third World Dictator Poetry Kit

16. The Magnetic North Poetry Kit

17. No. 1 Draft Pick Hold Out Poetry Kit

18. Hillbilly Poetry Kit – “Worship Possum”

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