What We Talk About When We Talk About the Sky

“No matter how many skies have fallen . . . “

“Wait, wait, wait, Chicken Little. Don’t you remember? That was an acorn last time. No skies have fallen,” declares Ducky Lucky.

“Well, not yet anyway.”

Ducky Lucky sighs disapprovingly and rolls his eyes. “Have you been watching those Al Gore movies again?”

“Yes,” Chicken Little says sheepishly.

“He’s just trying to scare you.”

“But look at the news. Super storms! Hurricanes everywhere! Snow-megadon! Air pollution! I’ve even heard of earthquake weather. So, if not “falling” per se, there is certainly a bunch of misery dropping from the sky.”

“That has always been happening. Even back in the Bible there was a big flood and there wasn’t much man-made ‘pollution’ back then, likely just methane from cows and oxen. And God let manna fall from the sky to feed the Israelites while they were wandering around in the desert. On the back of the tablets that held the Ten Commandments, God even provided recipes for different ways to prepare manna for nations on the go. I heard there was a kick ass, 15-minute recipe for kosher flat bread pizza maid from camel, milk, and honey. The Israelites loved it. And it was gluten free.”

“But that was . . . “

“No ‘buts.’ Next you’re probably going to tell me all this sky falling business is because of ‘global warming’.”

Now it is Chicken Little’s time to sigh disapprovingly and roll his eyes. “Have you been watching Fox News? Just because Sean Hannity is a climate change denier that doesn’t mean you have to be one, too, Ducky Lucky!”

Putting feathers in his ears, Ducky Lucky chants, “Deny, deny, deny, deny!”

“That’s not going to solve the problem.”

“Save it for someone who cares. Look, there’s a little boy over there yelling about something. Go tell him about it.”

A cloud in the 39th shade of grey floats past the sun, muting the day’s brightness. Ducky Lucky walks away with a furtive glance up to the sky, not knowing what to expect but hoping for some camel flat bread pizza because he had skipped breakfast.

Chicken Little runs to the boy. “Little boy, little boy! The sky is falling!”

“But what do we do about the wolf?!” The little boy cries.

Chicken Little pauses to contemplate this new threat and then yells “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! And there’s a wolf coming, too!” Thunder rumbles and Chicken Little and the Little Boy run off to warn others.

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