What We Talk About When We Talk About the Sky

“No matter how many skies have fallen . . . “

“Wait, wait, wait, Chicken Little. No skies have fallen,” declares Ducky Lucky.

“Well, not yet anyway.”

“Have you been watching Al Gore’s movies again?”


“He’s just trying to scare you.”

“But look at the news. Hurricanes everywhere! Droughts! Air pollution! If not “falling” per se, the sky sure is causing a bunch of people a bunch of misery.”

“That has always been happening. Even back in the Bible there was a big flood and there wasn’t much man-made “pollution” back then. And it rained manna for the Israelites while in the desert. I think in the Dead Sea scrolls there are recipes for a nice thin crust pizza using manna. With a little milk and honey, the Israelites loved it. And it was gluten free.”

“But that . . . “

“No ‘buts.’ Next you’re probably going to tell me all this sky business is because of ‘global warming’.”

“Don’t be a climate change denier, Ducky Lucky!”

“Deny, deny deny, deny!”

“That’s not going to make it go away.”

“Save it for someone who cares. Look, there’s a little boy over there yelling about something. Go tell him about it.” Ducky Lucky walks away with a furtive look at the sky.

Chicken Little runs to the boy. “Little boy, little boy! The sky is falling!”

“But what do we do about the wolf?!” The little boy cries.

Chicken Little pauses to contemplate this and then yells “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! And there’s a wolf coming, too!”

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