Popular and Lesser Used Baked Goods to Describe Human Body Parts (click title for full list)


Muffin Top

Pizza Face


Lesser Used (*)

Croissant Nose

Baily Butt

Tortilla Chest (male)

Pita Chest (female)

Pretzel Penis

Profiterole Eyebrows

Ciabatta Cheeks

Donut Liver

Glutton-Free Sense of Humor

Sponge Cake for Brains

Hot Dog Bun Calves

Drop-Biscuit Head

Lace Cookie Immune System

Pancake Pancreas

Wonder Bread Thighs

French Toast Forehead

Naan Skin

Pie Crust Toenails

Is that a baguette in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


* If you suffer from any other these, please send a picture to 40footbuffet@gmail.com or to the comments section below, call a baker, and then a doctor, in that order.

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