Overheard around Washington during George W. Bush’s Second Inauguration (with Bill LaViolette)


From way, way back in the archives (2004).

“Jenna, this is not Margaritaville. Put that down before you wind up looking like Tara Reid….”

At the Log Cabin Republican’s Party: “Do these slacks enhance the apparent size of my mandate?”

Chief Justice: “Raise your right hand…”

Laura Bush (in sotto voce): “Think George, think. You know which one is you right. We worked on this all weekend.”

“Oh, look. There are some MoveOn.org protestors. They are so cute when they are angry.”

At the non-alcoholic bar of Focus on the Family party: “I’ve got your faith-based initiative right here, baby.”

“Oh my god, what is Matt Drudge doing to Bill O’Reily?!”

GWB: “Good golly man this is a long walk. Can’t we get a cab back to the White House.”

“I hear Rove will be running a Rhesus spider monkey in 2008.”

GWB: “Holy smokes, I haven’t seen this much snow since that weekend in Tijuana with my frat brothers.”

Chief Justice: “…do you, George Walker Bush, solemnly swear to uphold the office of the President of the United States?”

GWB: “Hell, F%*kin’ yea I do… $h!t, did Michael Powell f%*kin’ hear that? Hello? Is this thing on? I’ll just fire him.”

John Kerry: “Janet Jackon’s last year and now this! What is it about boobs being exposed to the American public every January?”

GWB to Laura Bush while walking down Pennsylvania Avenue: “You know, people said I’d get re-elected only when hell froze over. Well, I bet Lucifer is freezin’ his nuts off right now. I sure am.”

At party thrown by the members of the Military-Industrial Complex: “Do you have an anti-aircraft missile battery deployed in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

“I bet this isn’t the first time the Twins have seen nine balls in one night?”

“Didn’t he wear that tie last year?”

GWB: “Man date”? I thought I signed an amendment banning that nonsense.”

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